Terms and Conditions

By using EbonyAmore as a dating service it is agreed to be bound by these Terms of Use, whether or not a membership is establsihed. By becomming a dating member, communicate with other dating members and use the dating service of EbonyAmore in general, conditions and terms of use must be read carefully. In our registration form your acceptance is indicated.

These Terms of Use is the legally binding agreement that regulates usage of the dating service EbonyAmore as a user or member. This Agreement may be modified by EbonyAmore. Such modifications will be posted directly to this website.

1. Terms
This agreement contains in full effect while using EbonyAmore as a dating service. A dating membership can be terminated at any given time for any reason. Dating membership termination is fullfilled by reciept of written or email notice of termination to our site administrator. EbonyAmore may terminate membership by any reason by sending an email notice to the registered email adress or any other email adress provided by the member. If a membership is terminated due to breaking the boundaries of this agreement the member will not be entitled by any refund of unused subscription fees. This agreement remains in effect even after termination of memberships.

2. Eligibility
Dating members must be at least 18 years for using EbonyAmore as a dating service. Where individuals has not reached this age in their place of residence, parental permission will be required before any communication or transactions can take place. By using the RussiAmore dating service, the member represent and warrant the right, authority and capacity to enter into this Agreement and to abide by all terms and conditions in this Agreement.

3. Privacy / Non commercial use
EbonyAmore is a dating service for personal use by individuals or members. The dating service can not be used in combination with any commercial activity. Membership or any other specific usage of this dating service is not available for organizations, companies or any other business relations. Legal actions will be taken upon unauthorized usage of this dating service. This includes collecting usernames or emailadresses for other purposes. Unauthorized framing or linking to this service will be investigaed.

4. Content posted on EbonyAmore
EbonyAmore may review or delete any content posted to the dating service. This includes any content, pictures, messages or profiles that might be offensive, illegal or that might violate the rights, harm or threaten the safety of other dating members.

The member is responsible for content published or displayed at this dating service or transmited to other members.

Information that is prohibited and illegal on this dating service includes:

  • Promoting of false and misleading information. Promoting of illegal activities that is threatening, abusive or obscene
  • Any types of harassment against other persons
  • Offensive information to the online community. F.ex. content that promotes racism, bigotry, hatred or physical harm against any group or individuals
  • Information that includes transmission of junk mail, chain letters or unsolicited mass mailing/spamming
  • Information that contains restricted or references to password only access pages, hidden pages or images
  • Any pornographic or sexual related material included material that expose persons under the age of 18 in a sexual violent manner.

5. Ladies added to EbonyAmore
EbonyAmore ensures that all added ladies are over the age of 18. Documents identifying her exsistence and age (eg. passport) is collected for each female addition to our dating network.

6. Correspondance
The members at EbonyAmore is communicating through the instant messaging system. The messaging system is secured and superviced for preventing any kind of scam attempt.

  • None of the parties corresponding is allowed to exchange any kind of contact information (included email-adresses, telephone numbers, message system ids etc.) unless they have met in reality.
  • The lady is free to provide the man with her private contact details during, or after, their first real meeting if both parties feels that they want further contact with each other.
  • Repeatedly attempts of exchanging contact details through the EbonyAmore messaging system, before any romantic meetings or dates, may lead to exclusion from the service.

7. Dating invitations
Qualified members of EbonyAmore.com can invite ladies at the dating service for a real face-to-face date, due to the following regulations:

  • Invitation for dating is available for qualified EbonyAmore.com members only
  • Ladies available for dating is marked with a “Date Me” button at their dating profile.
  • The date is to take place in the ladys hometown or at other locations nearby.
  • Invitation for the date must be sent no less than 3 days in advance for the proposed meeting.
  • Invitation for a date can not be sent unless 5 dating letters has been sent to the lady, or the lady has approved a dating request sent by you.
  • A new timing for the meeting can not be settled any less than 48 hours before the date
  • Invitation for the date is sold including 2 hours of translation.
  • A date can be prolonged as long as wanted without any extra charges.
  • If additional translation is needed this is agreed between the parties during the date and is charged by 15 USD pr hour.

8. Video Dating Meetings
A Video Dating Meeting is ordered for 15 minutes + 5 minutes in the purpose of connecting with the lady. Upon ordering a Video Dating Meeting 20 minutes in total time is added.

All Video Dating Meetings is scheduled according to Central European Time. The client is responsible to enter the meeting due to his own timezone.

The time used on a Video Dating Meeting is expressed in minutes and second (mm:ss) and is deducted automtically from the ordered time amount.

A Video Dating Meeting must be ordered no less than 3 days in advance.

A Video Dating Meeting can be rescheduled no less than 4 hours before the event takes place. If a lady proposes a new date and time for the meeting it must be confirmed imidiately by the male client and no less than 4 hour before the meeting.

Connection problems and time used on solving such matters are not paied for.

The ordred amount is not refunded if the client join the Video Dateing Meeting later than 10 minutes after the scheduled time or if connection problems/ other technical problems at the clients side prevents him from reaching the meeting.

If a new proposed date or time from the lady is neither declined nor confirmed the Video Dating Meeting will still be considered fullfilled after the scheduled time according to the ordering procedures.

9. Refund policy
EbonyAmore continously make the biggest effort to prevent scamming. If recieved correspondance contains fraudant content your purchases including sent and recieved correspondance will be refunded to you after investigation from the site administration.

Refunds will not be made if your correspondance to her contains injury, degradation, racism or sexual offense.

Refunds for dating invitations will be fully made if the lady declines to meet you.

Refunds for Video Dating Meetings will be fully made if the lady refuses to meet you or by other means doesn’t enter the meeting. A total refund of the meeting will also be made if connection problems from the service or ladys side prevents the meeting to take place.

10. Disclaimers
EbonyAmore is not responsible for any inaccurate, incorrect information or content posted to the dating service. This includes material posted by users or dating members of the service.

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