Dating an Ebony Lady, your first Romantic Meeting

Meeting your African lady in real life might be the romantic experience of your lifetime! Writing letters and chatting with your Ebony lady is always the best way to start your online dating adventure. However, the ulitmate romantic experience starts when you look into the eyes of African women for the first time. Though we can not guarantee that the right magical chemistry appears between the two of you, the best way to find out is to invite her for a meeting and see that she is for real.

If she is the African princess for you, if she is the Ebony bride you have been waiting for … would you resist the temptation for finding out?

 Invitation for Your First Date
Invitation for your first real meeting; ordered more than 3 days in advance.
149.00 USD 
 Invitation for Your First Date – Express
Invitation for the first real meeting – express service; ordered less than 3 days in advance.
199.00 USD 
 Meeting re-scheduling
Re-scheduling of any meeting after confirmation of the date.
50.00 USD 
 Meeting a lady after Single Party
Dating a lady after meeting her at Singel Party. Translation hours not included.
59.00 USD 
 Additinal translation pr. hour
25.00 USD 
Your guarantee
russian women
Invitation for your first date must be sent no less than 3 days in advance.
Ukrainian women
Invitation for a date can be sent after your lady has recieved 5 dating letters from you.
Ukrainian women
Your date invitation will be fully refunded if the lady declines to meet you.
Ukrainian women
Your first date includes 2 hours of support.
Ukrainian women
Your date may be prolonged FREE of charge.
Ukrainian women
Additional translation is charged by USD 25 pr. hour.
Ukrainian women
Dating is avaliable only for qualified EbonyAmore members.

How to meet your lady

Decide to meet her!
Browse the ladies in our catalogue and decide with whom you want to invite.
Invite your lady!
Press the “Date Me” button in her dating profile to invite her for dating!
Your date confirmed!
The lady will confirm all details to you in a letter short time after she recieved your invitation.
If you don’t go you will never know what could have been …

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