Tips for Dating African Women and Ebony Brides

Dating African Women

Western gentlemen dating African women or Ebony brides often do unnecessary mistakes. has listed some useful hints and tips based on Western men dating Ebony ladies before you. When getting aquainted with African women these tips migh be of help for you in your African dating adventure.

Don’t send money to the African woman you are dating!
If an African lady asks you for money she is most likely about to scam you. An honest African woman has to much pride and honor to ask for any kind of money. Keep in mind that she has been living her own life for many years without such help. In addition; Ebony brides would never consider the two of you as anything else until you meet each other for a real One-on-One date.

Don’t fall in love with her dating profile photo!
Don’t pay to much attention on your African woman’s dating photo. They may be different from your Ebony lady in real life. Photos might be set up to be very beautiful or they might even be old. Instead, try to focus on your African woman’s personality. IN general, African women are much more beautiful than on their dating pictures. Keep in mind that you are not going to marry her photography. You will marry a real African woman ready to meet you in real life.

Be prepared to visit your African woman!
We assume it is your dream to bring your Ebony bride home as your fiancee. In order to bring your African beauty home and to provide her with a visa it is most commonly needed that you visit Africa first. Besides this it is normal etiquette to meet African women at their own location. Even for your first real date this is required by using Keep in mind that any African lady will wait for your arrival to her home town until a certain level in time. If she doesn’t get any signal that you intend to meet her in real life she will sooner or later consider you as not serious.

Why focus only on one African lady?
Any African lady or Ebony bride might end up as your wife right away. In this case you are lucky. Dating African women is not like winning in some lottery. Do not bet on marrying her after meeting any African beauties for the first or second time. Instead, this is the time for you to step into the role as a real gentleman. Be a gentleman and go dating with a wider variety of African women. Communicating and dating with one Ebony lady only is never a good idea. If you don’t have a good match and chemistry with that specific lady you are left back where you started. With nothing!

Don’t send your Ebony brides the wrong dating pictures!
Any honest African lady will be more concenrend about your heart than your posessions. So, by sending your choosen Ebony lady picutres of f.ex. your nice car or house wil lfor sure attrackt the wrong type of ladies. By focusing only on money and material things you African lady will propably think that you are an insecure person. While dating African women make sure to show her your sensitive side.

Do a proper research in your dating!
As a member at you will soon find out that the ladies are for real. Tips, hints and articles given online will help and guide you in your search for your life time partner among beautiful African women. In addition it will be important for you to find out more about her country, culture, history and geography. Without this you might set your attention and money on nothing.

Don’t think your African lady will be your trophy wife!
Keep in mind that most African women have a though life. African ladies often have to deal with difficult family relations where their husband or boyfriends don’t think to much to take care of their family. When dating beautiful African women, keep in mind that she cares very much to create a family and to keep those relations good. In your dating you should be looking for an equal partner, lover and wife. Not a lady you can dominate.

Don’t think your African lady is just after a visum!
African women and Ebony brides are looking for love and respect. If you think that your African lady is out for a visum and free access to your country only, would you communicate with her in the first place? African women are not looking for a hero or saviour. They are looking for their future husband and create a happy family with him.

Remember to ask your African beauty questions!
Most African women and Ebony brides are serious and honest. When progressing in your dating they deserve the same respect back. As a member at you are looking for your future wife, not just a lady to spend time on. If an African lady expereince that you don’t ask her questions about her dreams, family and hobbies etc. she will sooner or later feel that you are not serious. Are you serious in your dating adventure, then ask your African woman all kind of questions!

Create a backup plan for yourself!
By signing up at and dating African women we assume you desire to travel to her country to meet her. It is a good rule to keep in mind that you never know what will actually happen. Dating African women on internet is never the same as a real date. When meeting your choosen beauty in real life keep in mind that unexpected experiences might happen. Maybe you will decide very fast that the dating will not work out? In this case a backup plan is handy. Do not make a travel to Africa for dating with one lady only. Travel in order to meet several African women. This will prevent you from feeling that the whole dating and travelling is spoiled.

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