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When registering and starting online dating with beautiful African women and Ebony brides you should also have control and feel comfident that the African women you plan getting acquainted and dating with are for real. gives you the knowledge that the Ebony brides registered has been throgh a thorow background check and follow up before you invest your heart and money in finding the beautiful African woman of your dreams. also has a widely developed anti scam policy that we advice you to follow when searching for Ebony brides. Even though dating with African girls should always be with you staying with a certain level of common sense provides the safest environment for every Western gentleman progressing in his African dating adventure.

Are the Ebony brides I am dating for real?

African women dating

When applying and qualifying as a member at you will start browsing profiles of beautiful African women and Ebony brides. Profiles of African girls are marked with the sign “Approved Profile”. controls and checks dating profiles of Ebony brides marked with this sign due to the following criterias:

  • – On regular basis controlling the African womans passport (or   other identification papers) in order to state that she is not   already married and initially confirm her true identity.
  • – On regular basis performing an interview in order to examine   the African beautys intentions and if she is still interested to   meet a Western gentleman.

It is the policy of to never publish any African lady if there are any doubt or uncertainty about her true identity. Her identity is checked upon her passport details wich is also displaying if she is married or not. At the same time is performing monthly follow up with the registered African women. Ebony brides who no longer has the pure intention of meeting their future husband from abroad or got married already is automatically removed from the dating service. All following up services of African women dating is performed by highly skilled staff in African countries of operation.

Even though is performing a solid background check on all African women registered, keep in mind that this is basically a control on her existence and general intentions to meet a Western gentleman. The background analysis doesn’t contain any indications about her personality and state of mind. We encourage all qualified members to follow the anti scam policy and hints and tips for dating the beautiful African women registered. In order to find YOUR future soul mate and wife you need to stay in a certain common sense and to be a cynic as well not to be overwhelmed by thousands of Ebony brides searching for their future husband abroad.

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