African Women Anti Scam Policy

African Women Anti Scam PolicyThe internet has no mechanism to prevent scammers from working on the scene. There are numerous of services visualizing and documenting African women who has proven to be a scammer. However, the information given is carefully balanced between stating African women as scammers and providing too much incorrect information on Ebony brides apparence.

When Ebony brides acts as a scammer it is most often an inborn feature. Once started African women scammers will never stop taking advantage of Western gentlemen communicating and planning to meet them in real life. The purpose is most often solely to improve their own financial status. Very much of this behaviour is dependant of the Ebony brides background. is doing continous work of preventing scammers to connect with you through our online dating service. Still you should be aware of the tips and hints we are giving.

1. Never send or give money to your Afrcan bride.
If you find yourself in a situation where the African lady online is asking you for money; please don’t hesitate to connect with us at once. We always take action in such cases. It is a well known fact that instances like Western Union is a popular feature for many African women. Is the lady you are communicating with prompting you with such questions it should be the alarm bell number one for you. Even when dating her in real life, don’t feel tempted to give her gifts or money exceeding her normal life situation.

2. Be aware of beautiful pictures at her dating profile.
Due to African womens normal life standard you should remember that most of them can not even afford to visit a professional photographer unless they are doing so via our local African offices. is verifying all African women dating profiles and information through our local offices in Africa. Still there has been cases where registered profiles and photos has not been the dating profiles owner. It might even belong to a man who is using relatives of fake information to achieve a better financial status for themselves. is checking the background of each registered dating profile. Each lady is followed up personally by our local staff and their identity is controlled and cross checked with their passport.

3. Be careful to leave to use her email adress instead. has zero tolerance for exchanging personal contact details before the first real meeting. In cases where African women scammers are using their methods online it will be detected by EbonyAmore and will lead to permamnently exclusion from the dating network. Unfortunately this is where scammers might be creative and attempts to lead your attention away from the African dating service has been detected. If African women scammers can lead your focus to write directly to their personal email adress there is never any guarantees what questions or issues you will receive.

African women scammers are often writing letters of various length to a wide variety of Western gentlemen. If you receive attempts of giving you their personal email adress it is a good reason for you to be alarmed. It is also a good reason to contact the administration. Just imagine; if you meet a beautiful lady downtown and she invites you directly to the darkest places. Would you accept the invitation?

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4. Her love is growing very quickly in your online communication.
African women is very often living a difficult life where the only way of finding love, happiness and marriage in many cases is to search for a Western gentleman. Terms of love is very valuable and many Ebony brides sacrifice these words. On the other hand, excitement and hope for happiness is easy to be overwhelming for African women communicating with handsome Western gentlemen.

If terms of love is growing very fast in your online communication you should however be aware. Remember that if she is the Ebony bride for you, you will not find out about the real chemistry until you meet in reality.

5. Your African woman want to come to your country for two wonderful weeks alone with you.
In all internet dating and online communication you will come to a moment of moving one step further; out of the online dating sphere to meet your African woman in real life for a date. African women scammers often writes she heard of someone that had an experience going to his country and it was all very lovely and successful. Now she want to have the same experience with you.

The African woman scammer will of course ask for money to apply for visum. Then she has to order flight tickets to some destination and from there to your country. She will make it sound like a very easy task to receive the visum. Keep in mind that it is never an easy task for any African women to leave their own country. Not for any period of time. The first date between you should always take place at her own hometown. Only after this you will be able to decide to bring her to your own country. is using major resources to prevent scamming. The purpose is to keep a safe and secure place for you to find love, happiness and marriage amoung the beautiful African brides registered. However, if you find your self in a situation where you think she is a scammer, please don’t hesitate to connect with us at once. We always take action in such cases.

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